We facilitate innovation

The key to innovation is risk. There can be no innovation without risk. 

The biggest risk is not that you cannot create what you want, it is that nobody wants it once you have created it.

During the last decade startups have developed a set of methodologies and tools to figure out what the customers really want before they build it.

We provide services to
[Accelerators / coworking spaces]
[Established companies]
[Startups / Entrepreneurs]

We teach you how to use Lean Startup, tools and practices so that you can innovate faster and cheaper. 
To make something that customers actually wants.

Accelerator or coworking space

If you are running an accelerator or coworking space and want to offer a startup program to your startups we can help you. We have worked with accelerators and coworking spaces for several years. 

We have the following workshops. Each workshop is 2 hour all action, hands on, engaging and fun.

Established company

Established company and would like to know more about the innovation methods that make startups go fast?

We know how larger corporations work. Established companies cannot take the 90% risk of failure that startups do. But we can teach you how to fail on the drawing board, before you build something. The innovation methods are visual and so simple to understand and use that the whole company can understand the business model - from CEO to caretaker. The family of methods are often referred to as Lean Startup.

New business models are more complex than traditional ones.
How can companies give away their product for free and be one of the most successful on the planet? How can it be that the biggest hotel chain owns no hotels, the biggest taxi company has no taxis?

Startup or entrepreneur

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur then you should join the startup community. It is lonely to be a single entrepreneur and we have a culture of sharing ideas, tools, methodologies, experience, ups and downs. 

Our contribution is organizing the Business Model User Group. We have teached more than 1000 entrepreneurs how to create a business model for their idea. Have look at our pages