Innovation and risk goes hand in hand

Today, Tuesday, we tried out a payment system that has never been tried for events before. We spent Saturday and Sunday implementing it and tested it on Monday.

People has asked how we would even consider testing on an event with a celebrity like Osterwalder.

For us the opportunity to test could not be better. We know that many of you want to listen to Osterwalder, and that you would go through any pain to do so.

In BMUG workshops we do testing all the time, this is how we found and improve our recipe on how to create a social, playful and engaging way to learn business modelling.

I see that many of the people attending the Osterwalder workshop is on a BMUG meeting for the first time. I also see that many of you come from bigger corporations.


We welcome you all to BMUG and to the Oslo startup community in general. Innovation in this community is open and fast. We take a lot of risk in what we do because innovation is impossible to achieve without taking a necessary amount of risk.


Fear of failure is an innovation killer




“Membership in BMUG is free of charge, but we expect you to share your knowledge”