Making mentoring scale in an Startup Accelerator

Mentoring is personal and it does not scale well. We have been developing a tool for creating and collaborating business model canvas. This tool is now used in mentoring participants in Oslo Business Region Accelerator program. Previously we have tested it on teams in StartupSummer Accelerator program.

The tool makes it possible for entrepreneurs to get help and advice on their business model online.

Introduction and practical workshop in business modelling

During the past years we have developed a workshop recipe to teach entrepreneurs business modelling. The there has been more than 100 workshops in Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim), Krakow/Poland, Budapest/Hungary and Melbourne/Australia.
We estimate that we have given more than 1000 entrepreneurs basic knowledge of business modeling and how to use it.

Beyond the workshop / BusinessModelUserGroup has mentored in several times in accelerator programs like and And now lately in Oslo Business Region Accelerator program.  Using our experience in mentoring entrepreneurs in the different accelerator programs. We are now developing a mentoring program for accelerators.

Giving personal advice is time consuming. And entrepreneurs need more than one mentor session. They need someone to ask when they have a question.

The tool

We have created a tool for creating, collaborating and sharing a business model canvas. Taking the creative process of business modelling online.

Latest addition to the tool is mentoring. The business model mentoring functionality enables entrepreneurs to ask questions to their mentor(s) and get answers and feedback on their business model online.

This does not only make it more effective to mentor more entrepreneurs. It is also possible to ask other domain specialists to contribute in helping the entrepreneurs.

What the startups say

Bravocar carpooling – Startup in Oslo Business Region Accelerator program. Frederick Richard –
Founder Bravocar

The workshop helped us to find valuable niches corresponding to our services.
We also tested the canvas tool Not only was it easy to use but also we liked the ability to interact with a support team live!
Great tool!