What you will learn

What a business model canvas is an how to use it to create a business model. How to work in groups and do business model innovation. How to present your business model, give and get feedback.   

  • Theory
    You will learn about the Business Model Canvas. It´s building blocks and how to use it to describe your business model.
  • Practical use
    We split up in groups and work on the case. You will participate in a group and learn from other group members and mentors that assist in creating a business model.
  • Presentation
    You will learn how to present a business model using the Business Model Canvas.
  • Feedback from your peers
    As you work in team, present and learn you will get feedback from your peers. And it is expected that you do the same. Our slogan is “Membership is free of charge, but we expect you to share your knowledge”
  • Networking and inspiration
    You will meet new interesting people who enjoy creating. The ones you meet are Entrepreneurs, student, consultants, business developers, intrapreneurs, psychologists, programmers, designers, +++  A diverse group of people. We believe magic happens when people from different backgrounds and professions meet to create.
  • Good feeling
    As always, we have an enthusiastic entrepreneur that present his startup idea. You will be part of helping him improve and maybe pivot his business model. So when your colleague or friend says “have you heard about this cool idea” Then you will be able to say “Yes. I was part of helping him get his business model right”