Business Model workshop recipe

We have found a recipe for creating a learning experience in a fun and social environment. When we bring together people from different fields of expertise we often see new creative ideas for how to create value and money for the startup in question surface. A lot of people want to learn more about business modelling, not only entrepreneurs, but also students and intrapreneurs. We recommend the following approach in order to get a creative and fun atmosphere for sharing, playing and learning.

Good atmosphere

It can be in the office space, the canteen, restaurant or bar. It does not really matter as long as the place is informal and has a good atmosphere.

It’s all about sharing

It´s all about about sharing. So we start with sharing food. Sharing food is a social thing and tearing apart pizza slices with your hands is as close you get to what humans did in the beginning of time.


Introduction to Business Model Generation

As we finish eating we start the introduction to Business Model Generation (BMG). We usually invite someone to do the introduction. We always start with a introduction because there can be people attending that is not familiar with BMG.



Case Presentation

After the introduction to BMG we have the presentation of the case(s) we are going to play with.The case can be from a local startup company. Or someone that have an idea that they want us to play with. This is far better than going to a seminar to work on a constructed case. Here you have the eager entrepreneur presenting his or her ideas.


Work on the canvas in groups

Only listening is not fun, so after the presentation we will split into groups and practice what we have learned. This is social and fun – learning something new is fun and not hard at all. We learn from each other and when we get the right mix of people on a team the ideas fly.


Present Business Models

At the end of the meeting we gather and the different groups present their business model on the case(s).

Everyone wins, we get to play, learn, meet people and socialise. And the local startup or entrepreneur gets valuable input from a diverse group of business modellers.