Customer development workshop

How do you get from your first business model to a business model that work.
Creating a business model is just the first step. But your first business model is just wishful thinking. We will teach you how to go from wishful thinking to facts using Customer development process.


In this workshop you will learn

  • What is customer development
  • Who should be doing customer development and who should absolutely not do it
  • How to talk to your first customers
  • How to update your business model based on what you learn from talking to customers


How to talk to your first customers - getting out of the building

  • Your first customers are your early adopters.
    You are not selling to them, you are listening to them.
    We will show you how to approach and talk to them.
  • Your business model is just guessing until it is validated
    Each sticker on your canvas is just wishful thinking.
    We will show you how you turn guessing into facts and update your canvas based on what you have learned when talking to customers.



We will briefly explain the business model canvas. But you should have basic understanding before attending this workshop. You can get this knowledge by attending one of our business model workshops. We have a recipe that had been tested more than 100 times in Norway, Poland, Hungary, Australia and Germany. 


Watch this video from the master of customer development, Steve Blank. It explains how business modelling and customer development fits together.