Business Model User Group - BMUG

Its an organisation that organises business model workshops in local communities. We help startups, students, intrapreneurs and all entrepreneurs by heart how to make innovative and disruptive business models. 

We succeeded in creating a recipe for teaching business modelling in a fun and engaging way.  - in just two hours.
We have organised workshops and introduced business modelling to more than 1000 entrepreneurs. First in Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo) Then cities in Europe: Krakow, Berlin, Budapest. Exchanging ideas and lessons learned with groups in Australia and USA.

Our workshops focus on Lean Startup and put the different canvases in a practical setting. Making it easy to entrepreneurs to use the knowledge right away.

We have had Alexander Osterwalder (Business Model Canvas) and Ash Maurya (Lean Canvas) as speakers on our workshops.