As a result of our innovation, the hydrophobization of lime, our company has developed a biodegradable, eco-friendly, air and vapour permeable lime paint product line, which can be used indoors and outdoors alike, and it contains natural ingredients only. By applying right stirring rates, the raw material can be turned into plaster or filling material as well.

Solution (Product/Services)
While our natural paint has all the positive features of the modern paints, it does not contain any titanium dioxide (it is said to be potentially carcinogenic to humans) and any antiseptic, fungicide or biocide ingredients. It can be coloured on the whole scale of the RAL Classic Colour Palette. It is naturally disinfecting and fungicide, and it is waterproof and antifreeze as well. It can be applied to places of high vapour content and places with high resistance to abrasion needs. The targeted net selling price is totally competitive to the paints on the market.

Presenter of this case
Frigyes Kocsis – founder

At the Business Model User Group – BMUG day where the business canvas were introduced to the audience my project was put into practice. The teams got a short introduction on the product in the early stage market development. It was prodigious to see the people using the canvas to get the points and milestones so easily. This method gave a great opportunity to the people to get an easy-to-see and easy-to-analyse tool into their hands and minds. On the other hand the canvas proved its effectiveness easily and it was a good tool for checking an idea’s market valuation. In nutshell I just pretty suggest this tools for start-ups to use.


We are developing an interactive presentation tool for smart devices which. The audience can connect to the presentation, follow the slides, comment, ask, poll with any mobile device through a web application. We believe that this solution can make presentations much more exciting and interactive.

Presenter of this case
Máté Wolmuth – founder

We really received a different perspective from both three new business models, and got some really good ideas. In the same time all three models were somewhat similar to our model which was a positive feedback to us and it is very important right now.
One of the team leaders from the USA asked some really simple and thoughtful questions which we can use exploring new markets and opportunities. He also named one true potential market to our solution: sporting events.
In conclusion this BMUG Meetup was really something that moved our business forward.


Open-science publication tool for researchers

Hypotes is an online robust platform connecting researchers whatever their country, their position, their gender, granting them with a direct access to a publication tool, or their ideas , among other functionalities. Hypotes carries the potential to make science progress faster in a context where open-science starts to become a major trend.

Presenter of this case
Dr. Anne Burtey – founder

I came at Oslo Startup weekend with this challenging and complex project., needing to clarify the ins and the outs of a segment that is opaque for non-scientists. Business Model User Group – BMUG helped us in composing the business canvas, in which we had little experience. BMUG saw many elements in the canvas that we hadn’t think about, making it much richer than it was and gave us useful advices.
I would recommend any entrepreneur who is starting his business to seek advice at BMUG.

ZipIt Events

Zipline in Kjerag

Det er ingen ting å legge skjul på at Norge og natur hører sammen.
I mange år har det vært et yndet paradis for alt fra forturister til de som ønsker å kaste seg utifra fjellvegger.
Med årene som har gått er det blitt flere og flere som presser grenser i form av ekstremsport.
Men de mest ekstreme aktivitetene som basehopp vil være helt utenkelig for mann i gata.
En av de største drømmene til menneskeheten har i alle år vært og kunne oppnå følelsen av å fly.
En flytur med høydeforskjell på over 600m omgitt av norsk natur på sitt beste er til nå forbeholdt de mest ekstreme.
Hva hvis det var mulig for alle å oppnå denne følelsen i samme omgivelser men innafor langt tryggere rammer?

ZipIt Events skal utvikle et konsept med en såkalt “zip-line” som skal gå fra toppen av Kjerag og ned i dalen inners i Lysefjorden i Forsand kommune. (2 høye master med en stålwire i mellom). Målet er å lage en stor turistattraksjon rundt denne linen som i tillegg til å være en attraksjon i seg selv vil være med på å bringe et løft til den lokale turistnæringen. Videre vil vi lage et konsept rundt attraksjonen, som kanskje også senere vil være mulig å selge videre til andre intressente av en slik attraksjon.

Presenter of this case
Per Fredrik Solli

Leading Change

International Recruitment/ Staffing & Consultant Agency bridging the human resource & knowledge gap between the military and the civilian society, the specially acquired skills and experience of former military people, and the skills sorely required in business to adapt to the challenging environments we are to operate.

The organization provides Operative Leaders to all parts and levels of business, as well as to give the military something in return for their investment in education of the officers, through our re- recruitment program of Military Officers.

Our objective as an organization is social positive change and development, making operative processes for sufficient in our customer segments in International Business, Oil & Gas industry, Shipping, Organizations & NGOs Internationally.

Leading Change was Winner of Startup Weekend for Military Veterans & friends, April 2013

Presenter of this case
Kenneth Bjerkelund, Founder Leading Change and Making Change

Business Model User Group Stavanger provided several new angles and perspectives on the business idea, and the support from the contestants and mentors at the event made the last “bricks” come together in the concept, as well as providing new and valuable network in Stavanger in order to develop the idea even more.


Business Model Canvas made easy

Business Model Canvas tool that takes you from idea to first revenue.
An online tool for creating an collaborating on a business model canvas.

Presenter of this case
Terje Christensen, Co-Founder 1stRevenue

Great! This time I was playing the role as entrepreneur using my startup as the case.
I got a lot of feedback, new ideas, new customer segments, new functionality.
And i got confirmation on stuff that I already had on my canvas.
To me this is proof that a Business Model User Group -BMUG session creates value for the entrepreneur that has the case we are working on


Find anything

iLocating is a bluetooth low energy tag that we can put on keys, wallets, access cards and other important things that are easily misplaced. With the accompanying iPhone app, you can make the tag beep, and then you easily find back your keys by following the sound. There is also some added benefits like link loss warning, and possibility of doing a crowd-sourced localisation of stolen things.

Presenter of this case
Arne Jenssen – Co-Founder iLocating

What we got from the Business Model User Group -BMUG workshop:
* partnership: – bundle the tag with phones when sales, insurance companies, Falken bike-directory
* customer segments: -professional asset management (hospitals, workshops, offices)
* customer relations: – send messages through the app
* new applications: tag oscilloscopes, pets
* new ideas around business models
* feedback regarding the feasibility of the whole project

Nordic Semiconductor bluetooth chip

Hva kan vi skape med en dings som sier pip

Nordic Semiconductor har laget en trådløs brikke som man kan kommunisere med ved hjelp av bluetooth fra en iPhone. Brikken er på størrelse med et kronestykke og kan gjøre ting som:

  • Pipe når avstanden mellom iPhone´n og brikken blir så lang at forbindelsen bryes.
  • Fra iPhone´n kan man gi beskjed om at brikken skal pipe
  • Sende «her er jeg» til iPhone´n

Ganske enkle ting – oppgaven gruppene tok fatt på var å se hva dingsen kunne brukes til. Og hvordan man skulle kunne lage en forretningsmodell som gjorde at man kan tjene penger på ideen.



Bestill mat og drikke fra din telefon

Pido (tidl BringMe) var en av vinnerne av Ideen er å revulusjonere måten man gjør bestillingen i en restaurant.
Med smartphone får kunden opp restaurantens meny og gjør bestillingen med telefonen. Ingen app å installere skyt QR koden på bordet og Pido vet hvilket bord som gjør bestillingen.

Pido casen ble kjørt i BMUGBergen 2.0 og fikk med seg gode ideer fra deltagerne der.
På innovasjonskonferansen GROW fikk Pido føresteprisen i den regionale delen av Venture-Cup og går videre i Venture-Cup.


Presenter of this case
Terje Christensen, Co-founder Pido


Mentometerknapp appen

Mento is an app that makes it simple to get feedback from your audience. Allows you to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on any question you specify and show the answers in realtime.

Presenter of this case
Terje Pedersen – Co creator of Mento


Velg bedre

«Velg bedre» er en interaktiv plattform som gjør det enklere for forbrukere å finne selskaper som jobber for en bedre verden og produkter eller tjenester som er et bedre alternativ i et bærekraftig/rettferdig perspektiv. Arenaen gjør det også lettere for organisasjoner og produsenter å formidle sitt budskap og produkt til de rette menneskene. Hver gang du bruker penger stemmer du på verden du ønsker å bo i. Vi viser deg hva som ligger bak dette, og gir deg lyst til å velge rett! Vit litt – velg bedre.

We are a social game platform that transforms individual action into collective change, through fun and fast user technology.

«Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want» – Anna Lappé

Presenter of this case
Snorre Paulsen, Project leader of Velg Bedre

Business Model User Group – BMUG was an event that let us see problems connected to our concept. There and then it seemed like a event that made thing  difficult for us, but over time we discovered that it made our understanding stronger. I would recommend user group for new concepts that need to discover new aspects in their fresh innovation idea.

Veibingo / CarBingo

Aims to end the boredom, by entertaining children in the car whist looking out the car window

“The best ideas are often the simplest! VeiBingo aims to end the boredom, by entertaining children in the car whist looking out the car window.”
A bingo app for the iPad. Kids are presented a board of items they can see outtide while the car is driving. The items can be signs, animals, forrest anything that you can see outside. When the kid see a cow she presses on the cow image on the board to mark it. When she gets 5 in a row she gets a Bingo !

The app idea itself is good and the team could have sold it on appstore.
But the real beauty of this app is the business model.
The creators of VeiBingo want the child to be rewarded when she has a Bingo. One of the rewards can be that she gets a ice cream at the nearest gasoline station.

If the child gets a Bingo the parent driving the car will have to stop at a gasoline station. I think that most of us can imagine what will happen if you have two kids in the car and one has gotten a free Bingo ice cream. The parent will have to buy the other child an ice cream to. And while at the gas station they might as well get gasoline or other products.

The presentation of Veibingo from Startup Weekend Bergen



Startup Weekend Winner

Helping StartupWeekend winners

Since 2012 we have helped the winners of StartupWeekend events to further develop their business model.

We organise a workshop where 20-25 people work on their business model.

People attending the workshop is a truly diverse group. They are entrepreneurs, students, business consultants, programmers, designers, social entrepreneurs. Many of them working as consultants in their “daytime” job.

Where else can a local startup go and get this kind of input to their business model? The advice is often priceless as it represents so many different experiences and perspectives. It’s inspiring to find a group that meets, learns and shares in their spare time, just for fun.

We can guarantee that the StartupWeened team will get ideas for one or more:

  • Customer segments
  • Products or services they can offer
  • New ways of finding and marketing to the customers
  • New ways of keeping the customers engaged
  • New ways to make money


Utvikler prosjekter som skaper sunne, sosiale og morsomme lokalsamfunn

Folkelig gjør det enklere for folk å ta vare på egen helse.
Vi utvikler innovative lavterskelaktiviteter innen fysisk aktivitet og kosthold som fremmer sosiale miljø og feelgood-helse. Med kombinasjonen av folkehelse og samfunnsinnovasjon utvikler vi kreative løsninger for å fremme sosialt fellesskap energi, entusiasme og trivsel. Vi tilrettelegger for positive opplevelser i nærmiljø og på arbeidsplasser, forst og fremst ved hjelp av lavterskelaktiviteter innen fysisk aktivitet og kosthold

Katrine Marthinsen – co-Founder
Ingrid Kristiane Fardal – co-Founder


Presenter of this case
Kathrine Marthinsen, Co-Founder Folkelig

Tusen takk for alle gode innspill og ideer, vi fikk veldig mye ut av det. Business Model User Group -BMUG ga oss i Folkelig trening i å kommunisere ideen vår på en god måte, vi fikk muligheten til å se ideen vår med nye øyne og ikke minst mer innsikt i Business Model Canvas som verktøy. Et utrolig nyttig verktøy som vi bruker stadig vekk. Anbefaler BMUG på det sterkeste!

Business Model User Group

The community for business modelling

Business Model User Group er brukergruppen i Norge hvor vi tar tak i forretningsmodellering. Vi ønsker å samle et fagmiljø som kan dele erfaringer og kunnskap.
Passer for alle som jobber med innovasjon, forretningsutvikling og produkt- og tjenesteutvikling, og for de som arbeider med å endre utgåtte forretningsmodeller for å skape fremtidens selskap.

Presenter of this case

Terje Christensen, Co-Founder Business Model User Group -BMUG



BringMe har utviklet en tosidig webapplikasjon som gjør at en restaurantkunde med smarttelefon kan skanne en QR-kode eller webadresse på det bordet han/hun sitter på og direkte få opp restaurantens meny. Derfra kan kunden bestille det han/hun måtte ønske og få det direkte levert til riktig bord. Når bestillingen er ferdig mottar kunden en gratis SMS med ordrebekreftelse og estimert ventetid til mat/drikke kommer.

Presenter of this case

Vi fikk mange nyttige innspill på forretningsmodellen vår.


ProblemSolver, a faster and easier way for solving your problems online.

ProblemSolver, a faster and easier way for solving your problems online.

We believe that information should be easily accessible to everyone. That is why we have developed a solution where questions once asked are available to everyone, in a new and faster way. The way we do it is by combining an interactive navigation with a preview of your information and cross connecting it. We do this because you should not have be the one to adapt to one way of asking questions. The information should adapt to you.

Presenter of this case
Morten Punnerud, Founder

By using the Business Model Canvas our team was able to try out different business models in a fast and intuitive way. We will thank the BMUG coaches for teaching us this powerful tool, it helped us to agree on one united way of running our business. I think we now are on the right track after getting positive customer feedback on our new business model.

Made & Found

Think pinterest, but with the option to purchase

Made & Found is a marketplace for folkehøgskole students in Norway to sell, share and brag about their arts and handicrafts online.  Think pinterest, but with the option to purchase.

Presenter of this case
Eirin Waade, Founder Made & Found

Business Model Canvas was especially helpful in allowing Simen and I to visualize our business plan and to set up goals and understand our purpose, especially given our time constraints.  At StartupWeekend you have a short amount of time (54 hours) to go from start to finish.  It can be stressful, for example having to talk to potential customers, to understand your market, and to figure out how you are going to make money. However, I really appreciated using BMC for its sheer simplicity, and for the ability to be able to rearrange and pivot our business plan, and see a visual layout of our business in 9 columns.  We really appreciated the help and feedback we received from the BMUG coaches Stina and Terje during StartupWeekend.


Oslo's film company

Oslofilm is a film company in Oslo, Norway doing commercials, fiction and film courses. Part of their policy is to give free consultancy and free productions to non-profit organizations.

Presenter of this case
Andreas Ursin Hellebust Producer and founder, Oslofilm AS

Business Model User Group -BMUG helped us to find valuable niches in an extremely competitive market, and also how to make innovative products to target our specific target groups. A workshop with BMUG might be the most valuable time and money spent on your company. I know for sure they have helped us save years of bad work and a huge pile of money. In these days of extreme competitiveness, you can’t afford the opportunity to get your tailer-made business model.