As a result of our innovation, the hydrophobization of lime, our company has developed a biodegradable, eco-friendly, air and vapour permeable lime paint product line, which can be used indoors and outdoors alike, and it contains natural ingredients only. By applying right stirring rates, the raw material can be turned into plaster or filling material as well.

Solution (Product/Services)
While our natural paint has all the positive features of the modern paints, it does not contain any titanium dioxide (it is said to be potentially carcinogenic to humans) and any antiseptic, fungicide or biocide ingredients. It can be coloured on the whole scale of the RAL Classic Colour Palette. It is naturally disinfecting and fungicide, and it is waterproof and antifreeze as well. It can be applied to places of high vapour content and places with high resistance to abrasion needs. The targeted net selling price is totally competitive to the paints on the market.

Presenter of this case
Frigyes Kocsis – founder

At the Business Model User Group – BMUG day where the business canvas were introduced to the audience my project was put into practice. The teams got a short introduction on the product in the early stage market development. It was prodigious to see the people using the canvas to get the points and milestones so easily. This method gave a great opportunity to the people to get an easy-to-see and easy-to-analyse tool into their hands and minds. On the other hand the canvas proved its effectiveness easily and it was a good tool for checking an idea’s market valuation. In nutshell I just pretty suggest this tools for start-ups to use.