Open-science publication tool for researchers

Hypotes is an online robust platform connecting researchers whatever their country, their position, their gender, granting them with a direct access to a publication tool, or their ideas , among other functionalities. Hypotes carries the potential to make science progress faster in a context where open-science starts to become a major trend.

Presenter of this case
Dr. Anne Burtey – founder

I came at Oslo Startup weekend with this challenging and complex project., needing to clarify the ins and the outs of a segment that is opaque for non-scientists. Business Model User Group – BMUG helped us in composing the business canvas, in which we had little experience. BMUG saw many elements in the canvas that we hadn’t think about, making it much richer than it was and gave us useful advices.
I would recommend any entrepreneur who is starting his business to seek advice at BMUG.