Find anything

iLocating is a bluetooth low energy tag that we can put on keys, wallets, access cards and other important things that are easily misplaced. With the accompanying iPhone app, you can make the tag beep, and then you easily find back your keys by following the sound. There is also some added benefits like link loss warning, and possibility of doing a crowd-sourced localisation of stolen things.

Presenter of this case
Arne Jenssen – Co-Founder iLocating

What we got from the Business Model User Group -BMUG workshop:
* partnership: – bundle the tag with phones when sales, insurance companies, Falken bike-directory
* customer segments: -professional asset management (hospitals, workshops, offices)
* customer relations: – send messages through the app
* new applications: tag oscilloscopes, pets
* new ideas around business models
* feedback regarding the feasibility of the whole project