Made & Found

Think pinterest, but with the option to purchase

Made & Found is a marketplace for folkehøgskole students in Norway to sell, share and brag about their arts and handicrafts online.  Think pinterest, but with the option to purchase.

Presenter of this case
Eirin Waade, Founder Made & Found

Business Model Canvas was especially helpful in allowing Simen and I to visualize our business plan and to set up goals and understand our purpose, especially given our time constraints.  At StartupWeekend you have a short amount of time (54 hours) to go from start to finish.  It can be stressful, for example having to talk to potential customers, to understand your market, and to figure out how you are going to make money. However, I really appreciated using BMC for its sheer simplicity, and for the ability to be able to rearrange and pivot our business plan, and see a visual layout of our business in 9 columns.  We really appreciated the help and feedback we received from the BMUG coaches Stina and Terje during StartupWeekend.