Startup Weekend Winner

Helping StartupWeekend winners

Since 2012 we have helped the winners of StartupWeekend events to further develop their business model.

We organise a workshop where 20-25 people work on their business model.

People attending the workshop is a truly diverse group. They are entrepreneurs, students, business consultants, programmers, designers, social entrepreneurs. Many of them working as consultants in their “daytime” job.

Where else can a local startup go and get this kind of input to their business model? The advice is often priceless as it represents so many different experiences and perspectives. It’s inspiring to find a group that meets, learns and shares in their spare time, just for fun.

We can guarantee that the StartupWeened team will get ideas for one or more:

  • Customer segments
  • Products or services they can offer
  • New ways of finding and marketing to the customers
  • New ways of keeping the customers engaged
  • New ways to make money