Terje Christensen

I have been part of the Norwegian startup community since I sold my company more than 4 years ago. Contributed as a mentor/organizer on several accelerator programs and StartupWeekend events. I have built an international community of business modellers and introduced more than 1000 entrepreneurs to business modelling.

I have been part of starting several companies and departments - some successful and some not. 

I have worked in large companies like Accenture for their large customers and in small companies where you do everything from hire people to organize lunch.

When I start something, I have a personal goal of making myself not needed anymore. Only then I’m free to start something new.

I like to do fun and things that the norm find a bit silly. I’m drawn towards tasks that is hard to do - just because they are hard to do.  

I love traveling as a backpacker, experiencing other cultures and customs. 

My background is technical and I still know how to program something.



Terje Christensen
+47 90056958