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Business Model for Social entrepreneurship

  • DNB DNB Arena Madlaveien Stavanger, Rogaland Norway (map)

Business Model User Group is a diverse group of people. We believe magic happens when people from different backgrounds and professions meet. 15th of May, you have the chance to be part of the magic in Stavanger.

As always, we have an enthusiastic entrepreneur that present his startup idea. You will be part of helping him improve and maybe pivot his business model. This time it is Kenneth from Leading Change that is coming to present his idea.

So when your colleague or friend says “have you heard about this cool idea” Then you will be able to say “Yes. I was part of helping him get his business model right”

The workshop is based on the “Business Model Canvas”, which is receiving much attention in both intra/entrepreneurial- and academic circles these days.

Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge of the Business Model Canvas or Business Model Generation is required.

See this short video to get the idea:

Case of the evening
Kenneth from Leading Change that is coming to present his idea. Kenneth is a visionary person, former special forces soldier and entrepreneur. He has seen that the competence that ex-military personnel can be used in civilian business. The military personnel are familiar with dealing with threats that civilians don’t even think about.  Some examples:

Their expertise can be used to help businesses assess the need for security in Oil & Gas industry in Norwegian installations and abroad.
Their logistics knowledge is agile. If you can provide food, weapons, ammunition to the front in a war. Then you will definitely find a solution in peacetime. “Big” civilian problems become trivial.
His idea also solves another problem. There is a challenge for former military personnel to find civilian jobs that value their knowledge.

Canvas Introduction by Christian Rangen
Christian Rangen, founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – think-tank, research institute and consulting company, will hold the introduction to the Business Model Canvas for us. Christian Rangen develops innovators and innovative business strategies. He is an author, speaker, lecturer and consultant on strategy, innovation, social media and leadership.

Business Model Canvas / Business Model Generation

Business Model Generation is a simple and effective way of describing a business model. The business model is described on a single sheet of paper, called the Business Model Canvas. The method is created by Alexander Osterwalder. The canvas is creative commons, meaning it is free to use. So you can download a copy from and start using it today.  There is a great 2 minute video introduction to the Business Model Canvas you should watch. If you want to learn more theory, buy the book Business Model Generation. If you want to learn by doing, join Business Model User Group in your city.

Who will be there
The ones who are Business Model User Group members are Entrepreneurs, student, consultants, business developers, intraentrepreneurs, psychologists, etc.. Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge of the Business model Canvas is required.

It is fun and engaging to take part. See [photos] from previous workshops.


“ Membership in BMUG is free of charge, but we expect you to share your knowledge”
You know Sharing is caring!

This time we will be at DNB Arena. We have been so lucky to get meeting rooms and food sponsored by DNB.