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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association (IEA) & BMUGOslo with Friends

  • BI Oslo 37 Nydalsveien Oslo, Oslo, 0484 Norway (map)

Business Model User Group is a diverse group of people. We believe magic happens when people from different backgrounds and professions meet.
In our meetup 23rd of April we bring together people from entrepreneurship programs at BI (by IEA-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association), entrepreneurship programs at the university, people from the startup community in Oslo, people from the StartupWeekend community, and people from Business Model User Group.


Case of the evening is itsMeSee
As always, we have an enthusiastic entrepreneur that present his startup idea. You will be part of helping him improve and maybe pivot his business model. So when your colleague or friend says “have you heard about this cool idea” Then you will be able to say “Yes. I was part of helping him get his business model right”

The case for the evening is a system that lets you try the clothes on your body before you buy. Is this going to change online shopping? We will teach you business modelling on a real case, with a real entrepreneur that will love your feedback.

Come and join – Next time we help you with your business model.

From the entrepreneur:
“Still photos looks good in magazines, but have limited possibilities in the digital media. 3D models of each garment allow us to show clothes in a quality way beyond any photo. Exact measures and even movement of garments on a digital version of each user lets the consumer try clothes on their own body to see fit and look. An outdated web store system creates a return rate of 50% today. Our customers are anyone selling or marketing clothes.

Business model Generation to create your business model
The workshop is based on the “Business Model Canvas”, which is receiving much attention in both intra/entrepreneurial- and academic circles these days.

See this short 7min video to get the idea:

StartupWeekend pre-event
The event is a pre event for the StartupWeekend event 26-28 April. If you plan on going there, this event is valuable preperation and will get you up to date on one of the methods used at StartupWeekend.

Additional material
Here are some links to more “Business Model Canvas” material (NOT necessary, but will make you able to utilize the experience to the fullest)

– Free sample of 1st chapter in Alexander Osterwalder’s book on business modelling: (click PDF – download sample)

– Some photos from’s earlier events:

– Business Model Alchemist, Alexander Osterwalders blog: